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Thursday, April 20, 2006

The Best GDB tutorial....

Once again, GDB comes to my rescue. Preparing for some exam, I need to debug. I need some advanced debug commands. Man pages are too long and do not provide examples. So, where do I go? To where I always went for GDB. To Peter Jay Salzman's web site tutorial ofcourse!
It seems to have been recently updated and it is great. Very technical and yet understandable too! - a rare combination. It is still under massive reconstruction as the web site puts it, but still great to go.
You can find his homepage here and his usful linux notes here.
He seems to use all those things that I am interested in (kind of one-stop for me!), except that I use Matlab while he prefers Mathematica. His LaTeX links are here. And here is his list of hackers (both good and bad as he puts it.)


Deepak Venkateshvaran said...

cool blog dude...too hi-tech for me however...haha!!!

Anonymous said...