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Wednesday, November 15, 2006

Matlab license manager error: Solaris 10

If the Sun Machine is not properly shut down when Matlab (license) server is running, you will be unable to start matlab after the reboot. You will get an error -15.
To trouble shoot, I did the following:
- I knew that lmstart command present int $MATLAB/etc directory starts the matlab license manager.
- To start the license manager (i.e., to run the lmstart command), you need to be logged in as a non-root user.
- So, I tried to start the license manager.
- I got a message saying that I needed to delete some files: /var/tmp/lm_*.log and /var/tmp/lm_*.dat
- For this you need to log in as root.
- Once this is done, run lmstart again.
- Done.

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Celestial Citizen said...

thanks a lot
that really helped things fall in place