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Wednesday, November 29, 2006

Testing the RAM for defects on Windows

Somebody had asked me to look at some problem being created by Ulead DVD Factory 10.0. The error reported was some failure to read a memory location. This message repeated for Nero also, after a few days.
I suspected faulty RAM, after seeing the log. The message was EXCEPTION_ACCESS_VIOLATION. But, I did not know the right tools for testing the RAM. So, a Google Search led me to the following tools:
1) MemTest
2) Microsoft's Windows Memory Diagnostic.

I did not test Memtest, but I used the Microsoft solution. It was easy to use, but the UI is not for the layman.

-Please keep a floppy disk handy. If you are one of those forward looking geeks, and do not have a floppy drive, you need to have a CD writer. Check out the details provided here for working with a CD.
- After you run the program and have created a floppy, boot from the floppy.
- To run Advanced Diagnostic tests, hit the T button on your keyboard.

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