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Saturday, November 18, 2006

Eclipse Update behind a proxy

Updating Eclipse from behind a proxy was quite counter-intuitive for me; or was it??? I had expected to find the proxy setting in the same window where the updater hooks up to the internet. Unfortunately, with Eclipse, it was under Window > Preferences > Install/Update > Use HTTP Proxy...
But this option of not having to hunt around the eclipse site for the plug-ins is a real killer concept. Saves a lot of time too. One up to the Eclipse project.


Anonymous said...

In Eclipse Europa it is in General -> Network Settings.

Derek said...

Thanks for the tip so I didn't have to hunt for it myself. It would be user friendly for eclipse to at least include a tip or something in the update dialog since that tends to be the first feature people use after downling eclipse and I'm sure some people get stuck there.

Tobias Twardon said...

yes, derek.
would be nice.

maybe this should be added to the error msg, when there could be no connection established to the update site.

"conn. not possible, check proxy settings in > General > net"

Anonymous said...

In Ganimed is at same place as in Europa ;-)

Unknown said...

But how does one authenticate himself to the proxy server? I see no fields for username and password

Anonymous said...

I found that annoying problem too, however I found Pulse (www.poweredbypulse.com/download.php) which is free, solves the proxy issues (or at least it did on my case) and gets to manage several eclipse configurations too. Hope this helps.